A photo that instantly identifies you?!Consumer protection commission pro test

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Do you know your skin?Is it oil dry leather or mixed leather?Many consumers have difficulty in choosing skin care products or cosmetics. The main reason is that they do not know the nature of their skin, so they do not know which products are suitable for them.Recently, we found out that there are several mobile apps that can measure the nature of your skin. Is it really true that you can know everything about your skin from a photo?We can come to test the skin ~ we chose the following 5 test software (in no particular order, search which download which) after the test steps are open software, using a mobile phone photographed their faces, the system can test out your skin condition, including color, oil, acne, blackhead, pore, black rim of the eye, etc., and gives the corresponding skin care advice or need to protect skin to taste.Today, we will compare the skin quality, black head and black circles under the eyes measured by each software to see whether the results measured by different software are similar.First of all, the skin condition, 5 software test out of the skin are normal partial oil, water and oil balance, light oil, mixed partial oil and oil, basically can determine that xiaobian belongs to partial oily skin.The second is the blackhead condition, the blackhead condition tested by 5 software is moderate, mild, severe, mild and moderate respectively, which makes the small editor not clear whether his blackhead condition is serious or not.Finally, there is dark circles under the eyes. The dark circles under the eyes tested by 5 software are moderate pigment type, mild vascular type, vascular type, moderate vascular type and mild vascular type respectively.In this way, xiaobian should belong to vascular dark circles!As these three tests show, the software can still detect something.If consumers are in a hurry and need to buy some skin care cosmetics, they can use skin testing software to have a general understanding of their skin.Of course, if you have time, it is still recommended to go to the hospital dermatology department to do a professional test, to thoroughly understand their skin state.After all, skin care products and cosmetics should be the best for you, otherwise you may spend a lot of money, the effect is zero, and some inappropriate products may even cause allergies!The price of roses has hit a 20-year high, and Shanghai residents are buying them out.The boy was “fooled” unexpectedly did 23 years of fitness card, the city elimination protection committee member Zhao Jiaoli advocates rational consumption of gold foil food was called off!The three departments strictly check the illegal behavior of food containing gold and silver foil powder.The old five-star hotel, visited by many celebrities and politicians, will be closed for renovation