Yao mei and Yunzhong Jun valentine’s Day double legend raid!Why zhuge Liang was mocked for hiding his skin

2022-06-23 0 By

I knew about the canyon. Hello, everybody. I’m talking about the game.Bring the latest game information every day, share practical game guide, if you like, remember to follow me.This issue of the content of zhuge Liang’s glory skin just exposed, yao and Yunzhong Jun couple skin has a new news.I believe there are many girls looking forward to yao mei’s new skin, let’s go and have a look.First of all, about zhuge Liang’s skin, no accident did not make everyone satisfied.While the four different special effects are really new, some of the emphasis on “advanced” misses a lot of detail.Except for a few special Settings, there is no difference between the legendary skin.The passive and one skill effects, in particular, don’t look very special.But at present are still showing the screen, I believe that the official will be revised before the line.Next is we are more concerned about, yao and Yunzhongjun couples skin news!Two skins have been sneaked into the official wear, with a blue background and a pink background.There are also two special effects for returning to town, pink letterhead and heart, which make people think that valentine’s Day is limited to skin.The quality of these two skins is legendary and epic. It is said that the skin is probably princess Yaoyao’s.In addition yao sister will also have a star legend skin, Yaoyao princess daughter real hammer.Well, that’s all for this issue. Will you be looking forward to yao and Yunzhongjun’s limited skin on Valentine’s Day?We’ll see you next time in the comments section.