Red bean shares allied red mobile vision, brand live together

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On January 25, Hongdou Holdings (600400.SH) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Hongdou Vision Culture Communication Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongdou Vision”). The two sides worked together to establish a strategic partnership, accelerate the online development of Hongdou Holdings, better serve the digital transformation of Hongdou men’s wear, and boost the high-end development of the brand.Wang Changhui, general manager of Hongdou, Chen Canlong, CEO of Hongdong Vision and others attended the signing ceremony.Red moving horizon is committed to provide integrated solution for the brand generation operation integrated services, including brand marketing planning, grass, live video content with cargo, fan operation, such as in the whole marketing services, is a focus on apparel vertical short video and live branding services company, mainly provide trill and quickly generation operation services and content business service platform,As one of the first seven quality service providers of Douyin, it has won the first place in south China for The Service providers of Douyin Spring Festival. Its main customers include China Li-Ning, Camel, UR and Danskin, etc., and it has become the main partner of China Li-Ning in The Platform of Douyin.It is understood that Red Dynamic Vision has completed business development, technology research and development and team expansion through multiple rounds of financing.This time, the strategic cooperation between Hongdou Shares and Hongdong Vision mainly includes cooperation in agent operation services.Hongdong Vision will assist Hongdou in the content production and promotion of live broadcasting channels, increase brand exposure, enhance brand awareness, and strengthen the positioning of Hongdou men’s clothing as classic and comfortable men’s clothing.Both parties will make full use of their advantages through strategic cooperation and integrate superior resources to carry out live delivery and store operation on Platforms such as Douyin.In addition, Redactivision will also provide services such as brand integrated marketing and brand self-broadcast management consulting.Wang Changhui, general manager of Hongdou Holdings, said that he hoped to take this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to boost hongdou men’s wear to explore new growth points in the field of live broadcasting, better comply with the development trend of emerging sales format, and inject new energy into the online development of enterprises.Under the hot situation of the development of e-commerce live broadcasting, the mode of red bean shares live broadcasting with goods has become more and more mature, its red bean men’s wear and strong baby, Luo Yonghao and other head anchors to carry out cooperation, live broadcasting with goods, warm response.It is reported that in November 2021 and January 2022, Red Bean men’s wear and Strong Baby jointly created a special live broadcast twice, the single live broadcast sales exceeded 21.8 million yuan and 15 million yuan, the record is brilliant, and won the day’s Tmall men’s wear category sales list.During the live broadcast, the sales of Red Bean men’s silver ion thermal light down jacket exceeded 6,400 pieces, the Great Wall IP co-brand down jacket series sold out of 2,000 pieces within 10 minutes, and the single sales of ski series down jacket exceeded 1.75 million yuan…A number of products into explosive, red bean men’s online sales results.In recent years, Hongdou Shares has made efforts to develop high-end, digital intelligence and online, and actively embraced digital new retail. Online sales are accelerating day by day, accounting for 10.94% in 2019, 18.57% in 2020 and 22.8% in 2021, with the proportion of online sales continuously increasing.Among them, with wechat small program, Douyin and other emerging flow bonus platform as the breakthrough, Red Bean men’s online business is quite explosive.This time and Red Vision joint layout of online broadcast field, which is undoubtedly good for Red Bean shares.