Flowers in Guangzhou New Year flower City

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Tiger jump New Year, flowers in addition to the old!During the Spring Festival, the reporter visited guangzhou city, encountered a variety of blooming flowers blooming scene.In the urban area, Yuntai Garden Spring Festival tulip flower show, baiyun Mountain peach blossom stream red pink Fifi, guangzhou Culture Park held for more than 60 years of a long history, Liuhua Lake Park Spring bonascape exhibition exquisite and unique, Haizhu Lake flower sea, Luogang Xiangxue Park, everywhere flowers, beautiful……Tourists enjoy peach blossoms on Lianhua Mountain in Guangzhou.Correspondent xiao-chuan Chen, guo-hong huang was taken in the countryside, conghua LvTian Town 30000 mu and the tree lost its profusion, treasure interest rose world dreaming, shek mun forest park, flowers, flowers industrial park (national modern agriculture industrial park), conghua ShiFanDai flower flower of mine in new countryside, lake huadu shiling town Ma Ling flowers, flower garden flowers and trees are thriving,It shows the fruitful achievements of rural tourism and rural revitalization in Guangzhou.The flower scene brightens the mood of Guangzhou, and the tourists who stay in the spike experience the beauty of the flower city of Guangzhou and enjoy the unique customs of Guangzhou during the “flower” New Year.Yuntai Garden: More than 100,000 tulips in full bloom, where to enjoy the Spring Festival flowers?Yunshan flowers waiting for you.Walk in yuntai Garden of Baiyun Mountain, just like place yourself in the sea of flowers.The tulip-themed exhibition “Hear Flowers Bloom: Colorful Yuntai” is now being held, with more than 100,000 tulips of more than 20 varieties in full bloom, creating a dazzling “flower carpet”.Among them, the double flower edge red, dynasty and other varieties appeared in Yuntai Garden for the first time, with calla lily, flower tobacco, seven colors of the cherry and other hundreds of plants, about 200,000 flowers, showing a flourish of flowers.In addition, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Holland “Dutch theme immersion floral device” in yuntai garden wonderful appearance, overall layout with a digital “50” to be continued for modelling, composed of article abstract assembly line, using the Dutch delft blue porcelain as design elements, showing the “water” in the Netherlands the important value of history and culture,And the tulip, the national flower of the Netherlands, symbolizes that china-Netherlands relations will take the 50th anniversary as a new starting point and build on past achievements in trade, culture and other aspects in the future.The 2022 Winter Jasmine Flower Fair in Guangzhou Culture Park kicked off on Jan 31 and will last for eight days.Winter jasmine flower will symbol of strength, vitality, brave, witty “tiger” cleverly integrated into the landscape is decorated in, the cultural elements on 14 with characteristic of lingnan garden landscape group, peach blossom, JieGuo, butterfly orchid, pineapple, anthurium, impatiens, string, daffodil, poinsettia, cyclamen, wallets, peacock grass flower more than 25000 high-quality goods such as basin,All kinds of components, more than 1000 pieces of decorations, full of beautiful things in eyes, everything.It is worth mentioning that the current winter jasmine will also introduce colorful long-lived flowers and other novel varieties, colorful long-lived flowers are not only rich in color, but also in different growth periods, affected by sunlight, temperature, flowers will be white, pink, yellow, red and other different colors, flowers as its name.Nearly 15,000 square meters of flowers in the first phase of the urban garden of Haizhu Wetland are in full bloom to welcome the Spring Festival.The Spring Festival is a blooming season. Tourists can purchase tickets through the wechat official account of “Haizhu Wetland”.According to reports, this year’s Haizhu wetland one hundred days of grass flower sea featured “colorful flower sea” theme, red, purple, orange, yellow…Zinnia is like a ribbon of colorful flowers, best from early to late February.In addition to the hundred-day grass flower sea, the Haizhu Wetland will also have colorful flowers blooming.The Marigold sea in Haeju Lake will be in full bloom in mid-to-late February due to seasonal and weather conditions.Spratly Pearl Agricultural Park: Take a small train to enjoy the rapeseed Flower Sea. The Spratly Pearl Agricultural Park plants more than 300 mu of rapeseed. During the Spring Festival, visitors can take a small train to enjoy the rapeseed flower sea of 100 mu of rapeseed, returning to nature and experiencing the fun of farm life while getting close to the countryside.During the Spring Festival, Nansha Pearl Agricultural Park also designed and built agricultural IP based on The prototype system of Nansha Huolong Banana and Jiajia Banana, and launched agricultural cultural products such as “Banana Bear” and “Banana Girl”.Visitors can participate in the phoenix Rice Feather, happy farming garden, plant maze, melon and fruit Corridor, pearl Market and other colorful projects.Conghua: Peach plum yanran along the stream River flourishing Li Hua fragrance, peach blossom yanran……Along the emerald green Liuxi River to the north, clusters of beautiful flowers along the river, Guangzhou Conghua flower season arrived in time.In Jindong Peach Blossom Town, peach blossom cultivation has been going on for decades.While many peach blossoms in the market have only 27 petals, Jindong’s peach blossom has 32 petals, which are more red in color and have larger buds.During the Spring Festival, the peach blossom in Jindong ushered in the best viewing period.In Lutian town in the north of Guangzhou, 30,000 mu of plum flowers are also opening.Plum white, from the sky, contiguous plum just like snow, quite spectacular.The best places to appreciate plum flowers are sancun, Guifeng and Lianma villages.Source: Guangzhou Daily Read by Sun Shijian