Check health code and trip code when you return to school!More quarantine requirements

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Teachers from primary, middle and primary schools and kindergartens in Hainan have returned to work to prepare for the new semester.The school reminds students to do a good job of health monitoring, and prepare the health code and travel code in advance. Those who leave the island must provide proof of negative nucleic acid test results.Primary and middle schools in Hainan will officially reopen on February 17.At present, teachers of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens have returned to school ahead of schedule. Through comprehensive measures such as elimination of the epidemic, closing the school gate, and monitoring the health status of teachers and students, the prevention and control line has been firmly established to ensure that students can safely return to school.Haikou Qiongshan No. 2 Primary School staff in the morning of February 13 back to the school newspaper, held a meeting of all staff new semester work layout.The meeting made comprehensive arrangements for the reopening work.”We are taking strict measures to prevent and control the epidemic. All faculty and staff attending the meeting must provide paper copies of health green code, travel code, temperature record form for 14 days before returning to School and Activity Track Record Form, and those returning to the island from offshore islands must also submit nucleic acid test certificates (those returning to the island from medium-high risk areas are required to stay at home for 14 days).”The relevant person in charge of the school introduced that the school has real-time dynamic control of teachers and staff off the island travel track, teachers and staff off the island one set up ledger.On February 13, all the staff of Haikou Changbin Kindergarten also returned to the park to eliminate the environment in a comprehensive way. The teachers wiped desks and chairs, hung beds, cleaned teaching AIDS…Comprehensive cleaning, to ensure that children in a clean and comfortable environment after the school games, learning.Anti-epidemic materials for the spring semester have been prepared, including disposable masks, disinfectant, temperature guns and protective clothing.Haikou primary and secondary schools, kindergartens remind the majority of students, a few days before the start of the school, to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, health monitoring every day, and in advance to prepare health code, travel code.Those with a history of living and traveling outside the island shall be admitted to the school based on negative nucleic acid test results within 48 hours; those in medium-high risk areas shall be suspended from returning to school; and those in epidemic-related areas shall be admitted based on negative nucleic acid test results twice within 48 hours with an interval of more than 24 hours.Colleges and universities in Hainan have also been actively preparing for the opening of the semester.According to the school calendar, hainan Normal University will officially open on February 28. All the faculty and staff will return to work on February 25, students will report to campus on February 26, and the school will clean up on February 27.The university has been strictly following the deployment of epidemic prevention and control to prepare for the start of the spring semester under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control.The school has strengthened prevention and control measures for teachers, students and their families returning to Qiong. All teachers, students, staff and their families returning to Qiong are required to report at two levels (to the school and the local area).Qiongtai Normal University has also announced plans for students to return to school: students from low-risk areas outside the province will return to school on February 19, and students from low-risk areas in the province will return to school on February 20. Students from medium-high risk areas will not return to school for the time being.Qiongtai Normal University stressed that teachers will check students’ health codes and check their personal travel tracks before returning to school.Students who meet the requirements of returning to school must return to school strictly according to the school schedule.You are not allowed to return to school in advance without permission.Source: new Hainan client, Nanhai network, Southern Metropolis Daily