A roundup of the weekend’s highlights: The central bank released a bombshell report that sent those signals

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Some of the important news affecting the market over the weekend are: the central bank issued a weight-weight report to guide financial institutions to expand credit to better meet reasonable housing demand, sending these signals;The State Council issued the Plan for Promoting Agricultural and Rural Modernization during the 14th Five-year Plan period, encouraging areas where conditions permit to offer subsidies for furniture and home furnishings and a new round of cars to the countryside.The CSRC issued the Regulatory Provisions on depositary Receipt Business of Domestic and Foreign Stock Exchanges;Ningde Times said that a series of malicious rumors have appeared on its online platforms recently, and it has officially reported to the public security authorities.European and Us stock markets closed down, nasdaq down 2.78%.Macroeconomics central bank heavy report!On Feb 11, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) released a report on China’s monetary policy implementation for the fourth quarter of 2021.Going forward, the prudent monetary policy should be flexible and appropriate, step up cross-cycle adjustment, and give full play to the dual functions of both the aggregate and structure of monetary policy tools. We need to use monetary policy in an adequate, targeted and proactive manner, so as to avoid indiscriminate lending and meet the rational and effective financing needs of the real economy, according to the report.The State Council issued the Plan for Promoting Agricultural and Rural Modernization during the 14th Five-year Plan Period by 2025, China will steadily increase its overall grain production capacity and keep its output above 500 million metric tons, ensuring basic self-sufficiency in grain and absolute grain security.Production capacity of hogs was consolidated and increased, cotton, oilseed, sugar and aquatic products developed steadily, and we maintained reasonable self-sufficiency in other important agricultural products.Agricultural production structure and regional distribution should be significantly improved; material, technological and equipment should be continuously improved; the scale, intensification, standardization and digitalization of agricultural products should be further enhanced; and the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products should be significantly enhanced.Industrial and supply chains were optimized and upgraded, and a modern rural industrial system was basically in place.Central bank released the inter-bank bond market bond lending business management approach “to” draw lessons from international practice experience of mature markets, China’s financial market development needs, from market participants, the performance guarantee is tasted, master agreement, etc, improve the system of securities lending, including support for market participants specification to carry out the centralized securities lending business, etc., improve the efficiency of securities lending transactions and flexibility.At the same time, to strengthen risk prevention, the Measures clarify the reporting and disclosure of large loans, risk monitoring, self-discipline management and other relevant requirements.The adoption of the Measures will help meet the diversified trading needs of market participants, improve the position management capabilities of market makers, enhance the liquidity of the inter-bank bond market, and promote the deepening and healthy development of the financial market.The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 503.53 points, or 1.43%, to close at 34738.06.The Nasdaq fell 394.49 points, or 2.78%, to 13791.15.The S&P 500 fell 85.44 points, or 1.90%, to 4418.64.Popular Chinese stocks fell across the board, with Good Future down 7.18%, Pindoduo down 5.06%, jd.com and Bilibili down more than 3%.New energy vehicle stocks continued their decline, with Tesla and NiO falling nearly 5% and Xiaopeng Motor and Ideal Motor falling more than 4%.Will Russia invade Ukraine?Russian side refutes!The deterioration in Relations between Ukraine and Russia has accelerated recently, with both sides deploying a large number of military personnel and equipment along their border.The United States, Ukraine and NATO say Russia is massing troops near Ukraine’s eastern border in what they call an “invasion.”As western countries continue to play up tensions between Russia and Ukraine, many countries, including the United States, Britain, Japan, Canada and Australia, have called on their citizens to leave Ukraine.Regarding this, the Russian ambassador to the United States and the Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry have refuted it, and bitterly criticized it as completely groundless.Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, said, “There is no evidence to support the comments made by some politicians that Russia will ‘attack’ Ukraine during or after the Olympics.””The hysteria in the White House is more typical than ever before,” said Russian Foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. “The Anglo-Saxons want war, at all costs.”Bank of Russia raises benchmark interest rate to 9.50% in line with expectations The Bank of Russia raised its benchmark interest rate to 9.50% versus 9.50% estimates.The Russian Central bank said it would raise its key interest rate further at its upcoming meeting if the situation develops in line with its baseline forecast.The Financial Capital Securities Regulatory Commission issued the Regulatory Provisions on Depositary Receipt Business of Domestic and Foreign Stock Exchanges. This revision mainly includes the following contents: first, expand the scope of application to include qualified listed companies of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the domestic aspect, and expand to Switzerland and Germany in the overseas aspect;The second is to allow overseas issuers of underlying securities to finance and adopt market-based inquiry mechanism for pricing;Third, optimize the arrangements for continuous supervision, making more optimized and flexible institutional arrangements for the contents of annual report disclosure, disclosure obligations of changes in interests and other aspects of continuous supervision.In the next step, the CSRC and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock Exchanges will do a good job in providing services and supervising depositary receipt services for the interconnection of domestic and foreign stock exchanges in accordance with the Regulatory Regulations, so as to promote high-quality development of the real economy with high-level opening-up.Next week, the market cap of over 100 billion photovoltaic glass leading pressure (attached shares) will have 45 shares lifted next week, according to the latest closing price calculation, a total lifted market cap of 117.06 billion yuan.The lifting of the ban market value of more than 10 billion shares of 3, respectively, are Follett, Citic Securities, Lihua shares.Next week, 1.159 billion shares will be listed and circulated, mainly restricted shares of the original shareholders of the ipo, with a market value of 48.041 billion yuan.The company is a leading photovoltaic glass enterprise, through independent research and development to become the first domestic break the international giants of photovoltaic glass technology and market monopoly of the enterprise, the successful realization of photovoltaic glass localization.Cisa:In accordance with the law, strengthen the iron ore market regulation, determined to maintain market order of fair for the recent iron ore prices appear abnormal changes of circumstance, the National Development and Reform Commission, the market supervision administration of joint interview information about iron ore companies recently, and will send, joint research group in part of Commodity Exchange, the key ports to develop iron ore market regulation research, and will take further measures,Maintain normal market order.The implementation of these measures shows the firm position and attitude of the government market supervision department to maintain market order, curb market speculation and promote market fairness, and will certainly play a positive role in the stable operation and healthy development of the industrial chain and supply chain.Preparing for spring ploughing is crucial to ensuring a bumper grain harvest, Li keqiang said in an important instruction to the National Conference on Spring agricultural production and Strengthening field management of Winter wheat.All regions and departments should follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, earnestly implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, fulfill the shared responsibilities of the Party and the government for food security, and do a solid job in agricultural production in spring to provide strong support for the steady and sound economic and social development.At present, the seedling situation of winter wheat is weak, and it is a heavy task to promote the transformation from weak to strong. It is necessary to do a good job in the spring field management according to the location and seedling, and do a good job in the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests and the response to extreme weather, so as to achieve a good summer harvest.We will increase support for agricultural production, ensure the production and supply of agricultural supplies, stabilize their prices, and strengthen agricultural technical guidance to ensure smooth preparation for spring ploughing and sowing.We will keep the area sown to grain stable, coordinate the production of meat, eggs and vegetables and other vegetable basket products, strengthen the protection of arable land and the development of high-standard farmland, and intensify efforts to revitalize the seed industry. We will ensure that grain output continues to exceed 500 million metric tons this year, ensure food security, and take concrete actions to greet the opening of the party’s 20th National Congress.The State Council recently issued the “14th Five-year Plan” to promote agricultural and rural modernization, which put forward the implementation of rural consumption promotion action.We will encourage areas where conditions permit to launch a campaign to upgrade rural home appliances, subsidize the use of furniture and home furnishings in rural areas, and launch a new round of vehicles to promote the upgrading of durable consumer goods for rural residents.We will improve infrastructure for charging and replacing electricity in county towns and central towns.We will support the expansion of new forms and models of consumption, such as online shopping and mobile payment, into rural areas to increase rural residents’ willingness to spend.The State Council recently issued the “14th Five-year Plan” to promote agricultural and rural modernization, which put forward the development of modern animal husbandry.We will improve the long-term mechanism for the steady and orderly development of the pig industry, promote standardized large-scale breeding, keep pork production capacity at around 55 million tons, and prevent drastic fluctuations in production.We will implement the five-year action plan for the development of cattle and sheep, and vigorously develop herbivorous animal husbandry.Strengthen the construction of milk source bases and optimize the structure of dairy products.Steady development of the poultry industry.We will build a modern forage industry system and promote specialized forage production.January real estate loans ushered in a “good start”!Reporters learned from financial regulators and Banks, real estate lending in January for “start”, the new size in the fourth quarter growth on the basis of further ascension, real estate loans in January is expected to add about 600 billion yuan, more than the monthly average quarter increase of about 300 billion yuan, including real estate development loans increased about 200 billion yuan,Personal housing loans increased by about 100 billion yuan, and financing for real estate companies by financial institutions continued to improve.Company focusing on ningde era: a recent Internet platform there appeared a series of malicious rumours We have a formal report to the public security organ ningde times issued a solemn statement: recently, the network platform for successive era of ningde sanctions by the United States, by rejecting the gem weight index, and tesla breakdown and a series of malicious rumors, misunderstanding cause market distortions, influence the corporate reputation.The rumor was much ado about nothing, baseless and vile in nature.In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company, our company has officially reported the case to the public security organ on February 12, 2022, and will investigate the rumor maker for legal responsibility according to law.Lixun Precision announced that its controlling shareholder Lixun Co., Ltd. purchased 19.88% of Chery Holdings, 7.87% of Chery Shares and 6.24% of Chery New Energy shares held by Qingdao Wudaokou for 10.054 billion yuan.The company intends to establish a joint venture with Chery New Energy, specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of new energy vehicles.This week (February 7, 2022 to February 11), the Shanghai Stock Exchange has taken written warning and other regulatory measures against 130 cases of abnormal securities trading activities such as lifting and cracking down, false declaration and so on.To delisting risk stocks *ST Xinyi, *ST Chengxing, as well as a short period of concentrated application to sell and other abnormal trading behaviors that aggravate market volatility and affect the market trading order, strictly implement self-discipline supervision in accordance with regulations.Special inspections were carried out on 11 major events of listed companies.(Article source: Oriental Wealth Research Center) Follow the wechat public account of Oriental Wealth and push authoritative and professional financial information to you every day!