More than 40 communities in Shaoxing keqiao District have been upgraded to be barrier-free

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Recently, zhejiang’s first pilot project to promote the common prosperity of the disabled was announced. The “whole chain” barrier-free construction pilot zone project in Keqiao District of Shaoxing city was selected, which is the only project selected in Shaoxing.In recent years, Keqiao District has focused on building barrier-free communities, making every effort to promote the livelihood guarantee, public services, nursing and care for the disabled, and improve the quality of life of the disabled and the elderly.At present, more than 40 communities in Keqiao have completed barrier-free transformation, accounting for more than 50%.Among them, dadu Community of Keqiao Subdistrict has successfully created a national barrier-free community, and 8 communities, including Dasai Community of Huashe Subdistrict of Keqiao District, have successfully created a provincial barrier-free community.How to build barrier-free communities?What benefits can it bring to groups such as the disabled and the elderly?How to achieve long-term management?Recently, with these questions, the reporter visited the investigation.”The ramp was a bit steep before but I suggested it to the community and it’s much better now that it’s finished.””Miao Yuqin, 47, said happily, pointing to a pedestrian ramp at the side of the road in shuangzhou, the Dongzhou community in Huashe Subdistrict.On the morning of January 17, she happily steered the electric wheelchair to lead the reporter to stroll around the community.Miao Yuqin has been a paraplegic for more than 30 years and was bedridden for a long time. In 2021, she finally “walked” out of her home.”Before, there were fewer accessible ramps and more steps, and wheelchairs had to be lifted up and down in many places.My wife and I, where can carry, can only go out as little as possible.But in 2021, the dongzhou community created a provincial barrier-free community, and its roads and public places have been renovated to make it easier to get around, miao yuqin’s mother said.”It’s better to have signs in front of each ramp, so you can see where you’re going.”Miao Yuqin familiar door familiar road ground “drive” entered community medical treatment health service station.Following her directions, I saw wheelchair signs on the floor of each ramp, signs erected on the wall or the floor, and handrails on the longer ramp.Now, Miao yuqin goes out every day and walks for an hour outside. Sometimes she goes to the park to see the scenery, sometimes she goes to the community to chat with others, and sometimes she goes to the community medical and health service station to have her blood pressure checked and get some medicine.”Relatives say I’ve become beautiful.”Miao yuqin said with a smile.Another factor in Miao yuqin’s willingness to go outside is the electric wheelchair she now uses.In 2021, Huashe Street gave her a special electric wheelchair, but because the backrest was too low, she replaced it with a high-back one.That way, you don’t have to bother your family with pushing a wheelchair.In addition, her home is equipped with an electric nursing bed, the street had to remake the toilet and room walls for her, but because this is their temporary rental house, temporarily shelved.”The street has put her on the list, and when the house is ready for renovation, the street will participate in making the whole house accessible.”Hua she street related person in charge said.Personalized customization like Miao Yuqin can smoothly go out of the disabled, the elderly, now more and more.The reporter understands, construction of barrier-free facilities include community road, the elderly and disabled family, public services, public places, such as construction of barrier-free environment, coverage includes the elderly, young parents, children, periodic injury patients, the disabled, etc., by implanting human life scenes, convenient for their life.Starting in 2020, Keqiao District launched a three-year action plan to build barrier-free communities, with a total investment of 65 million yuan to build barrier-free environments in 77 communities.According to the relevant person in charge of the Disabled Persons’ Federation of Keqiao District, the barrier-free community construction in Keqiao District will be carried out by all towns and streets as the main construction body, and will be promoted in combination with the renovation of old residential areas, the creation of “five-star harmony” and the construction of beautiful towns, so as to avoid repeated construction and waste.Renovation construction start early, on the basis of its software and hardware conditions, community action inconvenience people and the residents’ daily life and the required, such as by owner congress, household visits, questionnaire survey, and other forms to carry out field research, fully grasp the community crowd demand, a policy area, adjust measures to local conditions, to ensure the rationality and practicability of the scheme.”For example, xinhai Community in Maan Street, Keqiao, has installed stair climbing machines beside the handrails of stairs in the party and Mass service center because of the high proportion of elderly people, to provide services for people with inconvenient legs.240 intelligent warning lights have been installed on main roads in the community, and intelligent voice warning has been installed on crosswalks to facilitate the travel of visually impaired people.Dongzhou community has set up a special care studio with braille books and readers for the visually impaired.”The chief said.In addition to setting up barrier-free parking Spaces in public parking lots, building or renovating barrier-free toilets and upgrading barrier-free ramps, Keqiao district also fully considers the different needs of each disabled family and provides personalized services according to the principle of “one design for one family, one plan for one family”.For example, Qian Laixing of Binshe Village, Hutang street in this area, is 60 years old and physically disabled. After seeking my opinion, the barrier-free transformation of his home focuses on the kitchen, and the sink, hearth and cabinet are all removed and re-arranged.Family barrier-free transformation also includes toilet transformation, ground leveling and slope transformation, assistive appliances adaptation, clean and bright house transformation and other projects.Up to now, keqiao District has completed barrier-free reconstruction for about 1,000 families with disabilities.In addition to “construction”, long-term management and maintenance are more important.Ke bridge to formulate a set of long-term management mechanism, by the district finance to carry out the funds safeguard, the evaluated integratedly is urging community and property management company of barrier-free facilities in daily management, found that the problem timely repair, improve, and through to the public for the construction of barrier-free facilities in the construction of the entire management system and evaluation index, normalized management.At the same time, we will strengthen democratic oversight, implement rectification suggestions, and make the construction of barrier-free facilities more standardized.Miao also became a volunteer supervisor.In the summer vacation of 2021, when she went for a walk in Banhu Park, she found that electric vehicles often stopped randomly and blocked the road in front of the isolation stone pier at the west gate entrance, which made it impossible for her wheelchair to pass. Therefore, she reported to relevant departments through the App of Zhejiang Provincial Office.”The disposal was very fast. I reported it in the morning, and in the afternoon someone went to the scene to check it, and by evening the problem was solved.Since then, I have never been blocked once.”Miao yuqin said.The relevant person in charge of the Disabled persons’ Federation in Keqiao district said that they would also carry out “looking back” from time to time to find out the problems and urge the rectification to be implemented.In 2022, Keqiao District will continue to launch the construction of barrier-free environment in public service places, with banks, hospitals, town and street service centers as the key areas to improve construction standards and make up for the shortage of facilities.”The so-called ‘full chain’ barrier-free construction requires not only the full coverage of family living, public travel and social services in the construction area, but also the whole-process supervision and long-term supervision of construction and care.”Keqiao District disabled persons’ Federation said.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: