Married for half a year, the woman cheated and asked for divorce, can you get back the dowry?

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Wang is a civil servant, floret is a teacher, Wang and floret after blind date and married, married for half a year wang found floret and dog eggs open a room, wang and floret theory, floret confessed and said he has fallen in love with the dog egg and wang divorce.Wang came to help, said he gave the bride 150,000 yuan, the result was green and divorce half a year, the bride price can be back?Article 10 of the Supplementary Provisions of the Interpretation (II) of the Supreme People’s Court on Some Issues concerning the Application of the Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that: If the party concerned requests the return of the bride price paid according to the custom, the people’s court shall support it if it is found that:(1) both parties have not gone through the formalities of marriage registration; (2) Both parties have gone through the formalities of marriage registration but do not live together; (3) payment is made before marriage and causes difficulties to the payer.The application of items (2) and (3) of the preceding paragraph shall be conditional on the divorce of both parties.You have already gone through the formalities and lived together for half a year. If you do not meet the conditions for getting the bride price back, you can claim protection for the faultless party and claim damages for divorce.