Three historical novels on stilts, the previous life was a cup of poisoned wine to give death, this life: I want to be the emperor!

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Recently, many fans do not know what books to read, unwittingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian to this is the same.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Today xiaobian recommend to you: three historical novels on stilts, the past life was given a cup of poisoned wine, this life: I want to be the emperor!The first book “Free and Easy little Lord” author: Buddha small road long introduction: fate is a magical thing, there are many reversals in life, low-key is my motto, high-profile is you force me, in fact, pretending to be a pig eating tiger is my strength……Li Ye opened her eyes and looked at Sun Lao happily and said, “Sun Lao, have you tried artemisia annua?”Seeing Li Ye’s happiness, Sun Lao knew that Li Ye must have thought of something, but he didn’t seem to have heard of the sweet wormwood. So he asked, “What is sweet wormwood?”Li Ye was surprised. Artemisia annua is very common. Sun, who has been dealing with herbal medicine for decades, could not possibly have not heard of it.Is it about three feet high, with thick little fingers, and green all over, as long as mugwort?””Little brother is talking about green strips!It’s all over the field. It’s so common that drugstores rarely use it. Why, brother, do you think it works?”‘Yes, he should be very effective against malaria!Li Ye certainly said.Did along while the original name is different, but no matter green or artemisia annua, the name can be different, but as long as it is the kind of Li Ye to go, can fight malaria is the most important!Old man see sun li ye make along while incredibly put forward such an unlikely name, somewhat disappointed the way: “little elder brother not kidding again, old man in the mountains all the year round for medicine, not tasted grass, grass bouquet or tasted the little elder brother say although artemisinin has some medicinal value, but in old opinion that does not help!”Introduction: Have you ever thought that the things you take camping, after crossing the early Tang Dynasty, will become rare treasures, all parties are competing for the goal, you should not abandon?Did it ever occur to you that the world is no longer the one you knew?How do you deal with the idea that you live by, the idea that you live by, being a rebel in this world?Pit guide: a few days later, Wu Huan received the news, also a little unexpected, but this is what he wanted, even if 100,000 people come, how, or too few people.These 100,000 people need not be put anywhere else but around Shenyang.Liaodong was so big that Wu Huan was in a panic when he saw the maps of later generations. Such a large area should not only be captured, but also protected and well built. This pressure can be imagined.Wu Huan sent 2 regiments, with more than 1500 mules and horses, pulling more than 1500 plows, day and night to Qinhuangdao.To bring grain, meat, copper coins, gold and other supplies to the people and the soldiers.Liaoyang mattress sa yi Branch Xincheng fidgety, occupied new city, cover Mou City, Li City, white rock was abandoned, liaoyang is the front line now.He made all preparations and waited for the attack of the Han people, but none of them came. Seeing that the spring ploughing was coming, he dared not move.Yi zhi Wende died, although yi zhi home is still stationed in Liaoyang, but obviously has begun to decline.Gao Jianwu very do not like b branch family, what things are cold light.Rusa Yanshou gave up Gamou, Licheng and other cities without greeting him, saying to give up and then giving up.Let them unprepared to directly face Wu Huan’s army, fortunately, Wu Huan’s army did not come, otherwise they suffered a great loss.(click below free reading) the third “I want to do emperor” author: want to leave thorn Jing ke introduction: three aerial historical novel, preexistence is given dead by a cup of poisoned wine, this life: I want to do emperor!Preexistence, pass through after, Liu De is busy to wipe buttocks to elder brother, wipe buttocks to uncle, wipe buttocks to old mama, unfortunately finally still fail on the edge of success.This life, return to pass through the beginning, Liu Deshi, no longer willing to live that life.In this life……”I want to be emperor!I am my country!Guide into the pit: “Brother Wang always live in the north, I do not know have ever heard of a cotton thing?”Liu De asked Liu Dengdao.”Cotton?”He had been in the palace of Jin Yang for seven or eight years, hardly going out of the door, and he really did not know about plants, nor did he bother to know about them. Anyway, he entrusted state affairs to the prime minister, military affairs to the commander, wei Wei and lieutenant, and the history of internal affairs could also help him deal with other matters.So he called his prime minister and asked, “Have you prime Minister ever heard of cotton?”His prime minister shook his head. “I have never heard of it!”So he called his lieutenant and asked, “Has the general ever heard of cotton?”The lieutenant also shook his head and said, “I don’t know!”Even when Liu De felt disappointed, Liu Deng was still full of confidence, he said to Liu De: “Your Highness don’t panic, the prime minister does not know, the lieutenant does not know, my history must know!”That’s how he’s governed for the last seven or eight years.Ask the prime minister first. The prime minister can’t solve it. Ask the lieutenant.(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. 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