Spring Festival dinner in my sister’s home, beat my sister’s mother-in-law was thrown out, I do wrong?

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Hebei Ms Zhang dictation, this year’s Spring Festival, to my sister’s home, had a meal.I saw her mother-in-law’s face to my sister, and I was angry and slapped her mother-in-law in the face.Was I wrong to be kicked out of the house by my brother-in-law?Give me another chance, and I’ll still beat her mother-in-law. It’s so annoying.What happened is that my sister invited me to her home for dinner during the Spring Festival.After all, the two sisters haven’t seen each other for a year. It’s rare for me to go home for The Spring Festival. I usually work in other places.After my sister got married, she lived with her husband and in-laws.My husband and I bought some presents and came to my sister’s home.Take a look at the door, found a sister holding a child in the cooking.I thought my sister was alone at home, so I asked my sister if her husband and in-laws were absent.My sister said her husband was playing games in the bedroom and her in-laws were watching TV in the living room.The whole family were lying flat at home, only the sister was doing the housework with the children, and no one came out to help.I really can’t look past, just say sister, I help you cook.Sister said no, just a moment, you just come and sit in the living room.I say that I hold the child for you, the likelihood child sees my face unripe, do not want to let me hold, cry to make.At this time the brother-in-law came out to go to the bathroom, the sister asked him to help take care of the children, the brother-in-law did not hear the same, and then went back to the bedroom to play games.2 sister very not easy to do the meal, I thought to eat quickly leave, don’t give sister trouble.Then the mother-in-law spoke up and asked you to put two sausages in your meal.Why not?Sister a leng, busy said mom, just cooking, temporarily forget.Mother-in-law is not happy to hear, not early to tell you, this meal I want to eat sausage, let you put rice stew.Why can’t you listen to it?Are we gonna let people eat this food or not?Mother-in-law in front of my sister, also do not give me this family to leave a point of kindness, can be imagined, usually the elder sister at home by how wronged.I told her mother-in-law, my sister is taking care of the children, and cooking, you don’t have a person to help, just for this little thing to scold my sister, too should not it.The mother-in-law was angry and said, this is our family’s business, which have you talk, your niang you two sisters taught a little education are not, no big no small also do not know filial piety elders.I was so angry that I stood up and slapped my sister’s mother-in-law.What are you talking about?Is your family cultured?Raised a loser son who can’t do anything but play video games.My elder sister is pregnant 8 months still have to go to work, still have to give you dozen wash foot water, you still say not filial piety, conscience was eaten by dog?It’s Chinese New Year, my sister has to take care of the children and do housework. You don’t do anything. You don’t even say a word of thanks.Is that what you call parenting?My sister’s mother-in-law was hit meng, temporarily speechless.My brother-in-law saw my mother was beaten, quickly came to beat me, was stopped by my husband.Finally, my husband and I were kicked out by their family. I have no regrets and will not apologize to them.I don’t think I’ve had enough. I think I have to give my mother a slap for marrying such a good girl into their family.After the event, I advised my sister to divorce her husband quickly, and find a man casually, it will not be worse.Is it right for me to slap my sister and mother-in-law in the face?And the idea of advising your sister to divorce?