The young woman relied on this method to drink hot, but her practice was despised by everyone

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With the constant improvement of the level of material, the older men left the number is with increased, in the developed cities or second-tier cities, 35, 40 years of age to marry, not a few, unmarried, some people age is its condition is good, too demanding left, also have been hurt feelings, will not willing to easily, but also has a small part of the group,Is purely under the banner of blind date, frees eat frees drink, is purely help people spend money, but also seems to be appropriate, so for this part of the people, is blind men and women can be bright eyes, be sure to remember timely stop loss.Xiaowen (a pseudonym) early parents divorced, she and her sister followed my mother life together, grow also only so-so, and after graduation, work in a private company, almost 30 years old, also have no car and house, matchmaking is responsible for the neighbor aunt, three people together to see her mother and daughter, feel sorry, gave her looking for the two mutually close the object, but the aunt ACTS of kindness,But to dismantle their own signboards, regrets are green.To be frank, due to my aunt’s extensive knowledge of the world, she introduced her blind dates to people with very good family circumstances and good income. Naturally, the woman was out of reach.First is the son of households, material base is quite good, hand is very rich also, exchanges only a month, saw three times, give her spent 3000 multivariate, include to have a meal, in the supermarket to buy to eat and drink, but although xiaowen have embraced, even shake handshandle, embrace such intimate action are rejected, WeChat also love reason disregard, as if dating,She is always pursued to be pleasing to the party, the second is a public institution of civil servants, excellent work, income is not low, but also sincere contact with her, she is also free to eat a few meals after the rebuffed each other, making the introduction of the aunt is not a gas.Because she did end up with them, but the matchmaker’s aunt was stabbed in the back by the parents of these blind dates, saying that girls like this would introduce their sons?If there is no will?What’s for dinner?What gift?If the quality of the girl, also do not like to accept gifts and food from people do not like.From then on, no one dared to introduce her, because after some inquiries, the matchmaker found out that such a girl was only destroying their archway and robbing her blind date of money.Have to say, blind date, in fact, is also both sides, if during contact, the other party only know how to take, do not know how to pay, that is actually not much difference with the text, whether male or female, pure blind date to help people spend money, be sure to timely stop loss, do not blindly input.