North China air traffic control operation coordination command center for winter Olympics

2022-06-20 0 By

The China youth daily client Beijing February 3 (Shi Yu HuoMiao QingWang reporter, the popular newspaper supplement Zhang) the reporter understands from north China flugsicherung today, Beijing Olympics to meet peak in Beijing and north China atc start games atc operation command center will begin from today until the end of the opening ceremony, the command center in the 24 hours keep state.The North China Air Traffic Management Bureau and the relevant Olympic security departments of the Capital Airport are actively implementing airport parking Spaces and alternate airports and other related issues, striving to consider each work more carefully to ensure that nothing goes wrong.During the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the concentration of Olympics-related flights, north China Air Traffic control on the opening of the Winter Olympic Games during the real-time flow management principles, methods, and complex weather conditions under the choice of domestic flights alternate airport for clear.In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of flight, front-line operation departments also transfer business backbone to relevant units on duty to ensure the timely and smooth transmission of information.North China Air Traffic Control Increased the monitoring of the general flights involved in The Olympic Games, paid close attention to the operation of the general flights involved in the Olympic Games in real time, actively reported and coordinated relevant departments, and jointly carried out security work.It is understood that the equipment department increases the frequency of inspection and inspection of key facilities and equipment, combs the emergency disposal procedures of equipment, familiarizes all staff with the emergency plan, and takes measures in accordance with the plan in the first time.Meteorological departments provide special weather services according to important time points, and encrypt service frequency in complex weather conditions such as strong winds, snowfall and low visibility.In addition, the North China Air Traffic Management Administration has introduced 24-hour forecasting products such as wind, temperature, humidity and precipitation with a spatial resolution of 500 meters in The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and 100 meters in the core urban area updated every 10 minutes by the Beijing Urban Research Institute of the China Meteorological Administration.It provides fine basis for low visibility (advection fog), rain and snow weather conversion, wind direction and speed during snow and other difficulties in forecast of Beijing Capital Airport, and escorts the improvement of aviation weather service quality and the normality of flights for the Winter Olympics.Source: China Youth Daily client