Lantern Festival after the rain again, Xiangbei will meet sleet or snow

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Sanxiang City Daily · new Hunan client On February 15 – (all media reporter Li Chenghui) these two days, Hunan rain ushered in the temporary rest period, some areas of the sun exposed face, coy like a girl.For the rest of the day, sunshine is still a rarity, with moderate precipitation starting tonight.Meteorological authorities said rain and snow will be the main theme in Hunan in the next three days, with northern Hunan expected to see sleet or snow, and local areas to snow or freezing rain, requiring more precautions.Hunan meteorological Station is expected to be affected by the southwest warm and wet airflow, shear line and cold air together, there will be a moderate intensity precipitation process in the province from the 15th night to the 17th, including the 17th in central hunan and southern parts of the local rainstorm, the 17th night to the 18th in northern Hunan during the day with sleet or snow, local to snow or freezing rain.Specifically, from 20 o ‘clock on The 15th to 20 o ‘clock on the 16th, the cloudy day turned to light rain, which was moderate in the southern xiangxi and central Huaihua. The highest temperature was 4 to 6℃ in northwest Hunan, 8 to 10℃ in other areas, and the lowest temperature was 4 to 6℃ in southeast Hunan and 2 to 4℃ in other areas.16 to 17, 20, Suggestions for northern northern northern, changde, zhangjiajie, light rain and sleet or light snow, there was a moderate rain shower or thunder shower in other parts of the cloudy day, Suggestions for the south north, south, shaoyang, loudi, changde, xiangtan in western part of the heavy rain, the creek, LuXi, mayang rainstorm, the highest temperature of 7 to 9 ℃, the lowest temperature 0 to 2 ℃, northwesternOther areas 5 to 7℃.17 to 18, 20, 20 Suggestions for north-central, zhangjiajie, changde, yiyang and yueyang cloudy with sleet or snow in the west and the zhangjiajie local snow, Suggestions for the south, which is northern, southern yiyang local sleet or rain, cloudy with other regions in the heavy rain or the thunder shower, the local rainstorm in chaling, northwest of hunan 1 to 3 ℃, the highest temperatureSoutheast Hunan 6 to 8℃, other areas 3 to 5℃, the lowest temperature in western Hunan -1 to 1℃, southeast Hunan 3 to 5℃, other areas 1 to 3℃.Weather experts warned that we should pay attention to prevent the impact of road ice, snow and low visibility caused by rain and snow on the Spring Festival travel.Recently, the local precipitation in the province is strong, the accumulated precipitation is large, and the soil water content is high, so it is necessary to prevent geological disasters lagging behind.[Editor: Chen Xiangyun] [Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]