Lakers trade super possible?With two solid shooters expected to shoot, James reignites his championship hopes

2022-06-20 0 By

The best news of the season is that the Lakers are almost out of the playoffs. Lebron James doesn’t have to risk coming back for the regular season scoring title, Kobe Bryant doesn’t have to worry about being injured in the playoffs, and Westbrook doesn’t have to worry about being blamed for his lack of performance.Basically, the lakers are ready for next season, including a coach swap and a trade.Assuming the Lakers decide that James and Timberlake are not for sale, westbrook will be a priority for the lakers, which will be easier to deal with this offseason than it was earlier, and a return to Oklahoma City is not the only option for Westbrook.Sources say the lakers may not make a drastic roster change if they do, but the latest move is to SAN Antonio, which could send Westbrook and its 2027 first-round pick in exchange for McDermott, Langford and Josh Richardson.This is the first time I have seen such a trade proposal, somewhat unexpected feeling, but on second thought, this is also the only way, if the Spurs do agree to take Westbrook.At first glance, the lakers’ goal is to get rid of this problem and to get James someone who can shoot with accuracy.Josh Richardson and McDermott are two of the more consistent outside shooters, both shooting 42 percent from 3-point range this season.Among them, Josh Richardson is 28 years old, and his athleticism will certainly deteriorate with age, but if you put him in the Lakers rotation, he is enough to use, but I believe he will still contribute a consistent wing scoring.But the lakers have to figure out if they have room to match the roughly $12 million josh Richardson is offering, and if they do, Josh Richardson won’t let James down.McDermott is arguably the spurs’ best shooter right now, and Popovich likes to use him, even though this is just McDermott’s first time with the Spurs.Although these players are not famous, but if you put James around, the room to play should be very large, should have the ability to play.I think the Lakers are starting to be pragmatic, and if they can get a more balanced roster and less dependent on James, they can make it back to the playoffs.The SAN Antonio spurs, on the other hand, are ahead of the Lakers this season, not by accident, but because they are actually rebuilding, they are also facing the retirement of Gregg Popovich.So they don’t mind buying in a big contract brooke last year, on the one hand can take advantage of the Wisconsin brooke’s experience and mononuclear led to better help the spurs other young players, on the other hand, waiting for the Wisconsin brooke’s big end of the contract, the spurs the release of the salary space will be bigger, nature can be more trading operations.Since the Lakers need combat power, the Spurs need is the future, the two sides are very compatible, it depends on the offseason, the two sides can negotiate smoothly.Perhaps, when Westbrook leaves the lakers, it will be the beginning of the lakers’ resurgence, and James will be able to talk about championship goals next season.