In the Philippines, go to the Immigration office to deal with the overdue visa renewal process?

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When we see our tourist visa will be overdue, how do we go to the Philippine immigration office to renew it?The following yifei point by point to teach you steps!Remember to save the following.A: go to the immigration office for renewal we should first prepare those materials?1. Original passport and visa (Philippine visa is attached to an application form, not passport) 2.Photocopy of passport and visa 3. Two-inch photo on white background can be taken in the immigration hall.B. Photocopy of passport profile picture and valid entry visa c. Medical checklist – Can be applied abroad (with English translation) but must be certified by the Philippine Embassy or consulate.If the applicant is in the Philippines, he/she can have a physical examination at PRA ONE STOP SHOP and obtain d.Remit us dollar certificate of time deposit to PRA certified bank;E. Non-criminal notarial certificate in Both Chinese and English, certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine Consulate in China.Applicable to all applicants 18 years of age or older F. Photographs -12 2 x 2 inch color photographs on white background (U.S. visa specifications) G.Two: to the immigration office for renewal process immigration office location in the king of Spain next to the General Bureau of Immigration can drop by to visit the King of Spain, to the immigration office for renewal do not wear shorts with slippers this we should pay attention to.1. Pick up the renewal form at the front desk and fill it out with a 2-inch photo (right in front of the main entrance, under the stairs) 2.Fill in the form 3. Submit the materials to the front desk for registration and get the application number (passport, visa original and copy + filled renewal form) 4.Take the materials to the corresponding window to pay the materials 5. Take the renewal voucher and invoice to the 15th to pay the money and get the voucher (window for personal matters) 6.When your name appears at the top of the screen, you can go to pick it up. Renewal is to stick this little thing on the original visa paper.Application Form with Signature 2. Original Passport 3.Photo Copy of Passport biopage and latest arrival date to Philippines 4,2 PCS 2×2 Picture 2, 2×2 Duration:Note: Visa fees are depending on immigration rules and regulations.Note: Visa fees are subject to immigration laws and regulations.We should remember that the tourist visa extension can not be more than two years, more than two years will not be extended, we should also remember that the visa can not be more than half a year overdue, because more than half a year overdue face fines is also very much, we should remember not to long-term visa overdue.The article is reprinted from (yifei business Travel official website)