20 hours of Chinese women’s soccer madness: CcDI news broadcast People’s Daily Xinhua News Agency led the nation’s praise

2022-06-20 0 By

February 5th, Beijing time, at 1am yesterday, China women’s football team beat Japan to reach the Final of the Asian Cup, from 1am to 20pm, the Chinese women’s football team spent a magical 20 hours.In the 20 hours, the national people’s praise, and several authoritative media, whether Chinese or foreign, are highly praise to them, they show the stunning iron spirit, the spirit of the fight against longer odds is very inspiring, don’t know how you think about this, can leave a message in the comments section below to tell you, thank you.At 1am, in the immediate aftermath of the win, the People’s Daily lavished praise on the Chinese women’s team.People’s Daily, points out that might come up with an attitude, in the face of strong Chinese women’s football example is given, and want to know the Chinese women’s deficient in general can into this appearance, in the case of wind finally perks to beat rivals, show is the spirit of fight against longer odds, we have long time no in the field of Chinese football, see out of the performance.Subsequently FIFA also said that The Chinese women’s football team can win under such circumstances, worthy of sonorous rose’s strong nature, sonorous rose’s performance let a person praise.Authoritative media commission in the official website, wrote more than 1000 words long to admire the Chinese women’s team play, and pointed out that the Chinese women’s team in the game to win has very important significance, because of no. 4 in the evening to the opening ceremony of the Olympics, in such a key node for the Chinese sports phenomenon, such an important victory,It’s really quite remarkable.We only won one gold medal in The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, so how to motivate our players to defeat the strong, there is no doubt that The Chinese women’s football team has set an example for all Chinese athletes to all winter Olympic athletes.They show a series of spirit of perseverance, dare to challenge, climb mountains, indomitable struggle, show never admit defeat, never give up the fighting spirit is admirable, so the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection hopes that all the players can be fearless and easy to move forward like the women’s football team.Xinhua followed up with praise and fresh demands.Xinhua made it clear that the match was not only a big surprise for fans across the country, but also raised hopes for a revival of Chinese women’s football by reaching the final for the first time in 14 years.Chinese women’s soccer team had previously is nine times to the Asian cup finals, in the past 14 years, however, never reached the final of the Asian cup, let a person see the women’s decline, but this time against strong opponents scored successful final, full explanation of the Chinese women’s football to start back on track, we are looking forward to the next could beat South Korea,Let sonorous roses bloom again, this is the expectation of all Chinese football fans, but also the expectation of all Chinese people.Finally news broadcast program is to show the women’s 33 seconds long time, it is often difficult to can give to a sports item so long time for the full display, which are fully illustrates in the winter Olympics the day win, for the Chinese women’s team, for the Chinese sports, this is a like showers of victory, she has not only confined to the victory of the sport,It can be said that the national spirit and national feelings displayed in this match are exactly what The current Chinese sports and Chinese society need.